Our Programs

The NewLife Youth ReGeneration Program ©

Is a recognized post-secondary preparation, tuition assistance and mentoring program for Dreamers ages 8 – 15. The program is designed by educators, and facilitated by our talented Ambassadors, ages 16-24. The program takes students through a four module course which provides young leaders with the tools to thrive in social development, employment, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement.

NewLife STEM Bridge Program

Prepares students for university courses', new expectations and requirements and helps develop a close-knit peer group

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  • Spring Forward Teaching and Teacher Education Scholarships

    This scholarship recognizes outstanding students who wish to pursue Teaching and Teacher Education.

  • Cornwall-Greenidge First Generation Scholarship

    This scholarship is designed to help individuals who are the first in their family to attend a post-secondary education program.

  • Spring Forward Skilled Trades Scholarship

    This scholarship is presented to outstanding students who wish to pursue a skilled trade.

  • Spring Forward STEM Scholarship

    This scholarship supports the education and development of Canada’s future leaders in their attainment of post-secondary education.

  • RYP Humanitarian Award

    This award is provided to students at risk of being forced to leave their studies due to lack of financing.

Upcoming programs

NewLife Youth Emotional Literacy

Focuses on giving students the tools to overcome emotional challenges, build their confidence, and empowers them to strive for more.

NewLife Economic Empowerment Program

Fosters financial literacy, career development, financial planning, investment management and fiscal responsibility.

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NewLife Entrepreneurship And Leadership Program

Immerses students in entrepreneurial courses that teach them how to develop a product or service Startup. In an agile, fast-paced, experiental environment.

NewLife Youth Business Fair

Gives young entrepreneurs an opportunity to showcase their business ventures, instill leadership, courage, perseverance, and responsibility.

When you join the Realize Your Potential Youth Society, you are joining a family. Aside from our academic programs, we make a commitment to all our students to help in any way we can, including:

Community Engagement:

We offer mentorship and development opportunities to foster strong relationships with community members, share knowledge, and develop lifelong connections.

Systemic Advocacy:

On behalf of our communities, we are committed to ensuring that the systems we interact with bring about progressive policy and practice changes.


We empower the community’s diverse voices to ensure we stay connected to the pulse of descendants of the black diaspora communities and continue to focus on the issues that matter.

Hebah, Lead Ambassador

Yasmin, Lead Ambassador

“Black youth, just like me, need a community of people like them to listen and show them that they are more than just their colour. A place to hone their skills, where they are supported. RYP is already achieving this”

— RYP Ambassador